More about FREEDOM – or – LIBERTY Defined


Thank you for your interest in birthing freedom!


Before we can understand birthing freedom, we have to define FREEDOM.


(In English, we have two words, FREEDOM and LIBERTY that we use interchangeably, though they may have subtle differences. FREEDOM is more general, talking about all of humanity, whereas LIBERTY is more personal. We would talk about economic FREEDOM, and personal LIBERTY.)


Please indulge me by watching this 8½ minute video defining liberty. The Philosophy of Liberty, in Spanish –


Here is a list of other resources for learning more about LIBERTY. Please understand that I do not speak Spanish, and I am not endorsing every single thing that you will see when exploring these resources, but in general, I believe that you will find a lot of excellent things, and I trust YOU to recognize, study, and share what is true, good, beautiful, and just. Once you can recognize these things, you will more and more easily be able to apply them to birth, parenting, school, church, work, and every other human institution.


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PLEASE HELP: If you can, would you please translate this page into Spanish and contact me via Facebook?

Also, I am looking for a person or a few people who are interested in this idea of FREEDOM who are also Christian, for a side conversation about Christian LIBERTY. Please contact me privately on Facebook.